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Highlights in Solute-Solvent Interactions

Technical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2002, 3(3), 230-231;
Received: 26 March 2002 / Published: 28 March 2002
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Charge Transfer in Ionic and Molecular Systems)
This book [2] emphasizes a broad spectrum of features in solution chemistry, reaching from recent developments in the empirical characterization of solvent-solute interactions up to modern theoretical descriptions of liquid-state systems, from solid-liquid interfaces to preferential solvation in mixed solvents. Accordingly, this collection presents the most important, though strongly different approaches to the understanding of the mutual influences between solute and solvent. Descriptions of actual and practically useful applications of these concepts are included.
Contents: Editorial (W. Linert [3]).- Preface (H. Taube).- Ionic Solvation in Aqueous and Nonaqueous Solutions (H. Ohtaki).- Spin Equilibrium in Solutions (H. Toftlund).- Thermochromism and Solvatochromism in Solution (U. El-Ayaan, F. Murata, Y. Fukuda).- Recent Advances in the Description of the Structure of Water, the Hydrophobic Effect, and the Like-Dissolves-Like Rule (R. Schmid).- Thermodynamic Investigation of Phase Equilibria in Metal Carbonate-Water-Carbon Dioxide Systems (W. Preis, H. Gamsjäger).- The Solvent-Like Nature of Silica Particles in Organic Solvents (Y. Zimmermann, M. El-Sayed, S. Prause, S. Spange).- Prediction of Electrolyte Solubilities from Minimal Thermodynamic Information (E. Königsberger).- Preferential Solvation in Mixed Solvents X. Completely Miscible Aqueous Co-Solvent Binary Mixtures at 298.15 K (Y. Marcus).- Phase Transitions and Critical Behaviour of Binary Liquid Mixtures (G. Kahl, E. Schöll-Paschinger, A. Lang).- Extraction of Unprotected Amino Acids by Mixed-Ligand Nickel(ll) and Copper(ll) Chelates (Y. Ihara, S. Kurose, T. Koyama).- Solvent Effects on Ion-Pair Distribution and Dimerization of Tetraalkylammonium Salts (K. Sawada, E. Takahashi, T. Horie, K: Satoh).

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