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A Decade with VAMDC: Results and Ambitions

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Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London, London WC1E 6BT, UK
Groupe de Spectrométrie Moléculaire et Atmosphérique (GSMA), UMR CNRS 7331, UFR Sciences, BP 1039-51687 Reims CEDEX 2, France
Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Jove Ilića 33, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Received: 28 July 2020 / Revised: 3 October 2020 / Accepted: 7 October 2020 / Published: 21 October 2020
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Development and Perspectives of Atomic and Molecular Databases)
This paper presents an overview of the current status of the Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (VAMDC) e-infrastructure, including the current status of the VAMDC-connected (or to be connected) databases, updates on the latest technological development within the infrastructure and a presentation of some application tools that make use of the VAMDC e-infrastructure. We analyse the past 10 years of VAMDC development and operation, and assess their impact both on the field of atomic and molecular (A&M) physics itself and on heterogeneous data management in international cooperation. The highly sophisticated VAMDC infrastructure and the related databases developed over this long term make them a perfect resource of sustainable data for future applications in many fields of research. However, we also discuss the current limitations that prevent VAMDC from becoming the main publishing platform and the main source of A&M data for user communities, and present possible solutions under investigation by the consortium. Several user application examples are presented, illustrating the benefits of VAMDC in current research applications, which often need the A&M data from more than one database. Finally, we present our vision for the future of VAMDC. View Full-Text
Keywords: scientific databases; atomic and molecular data; interoperability; FAIR principles; open access scientific databases; atomic and molecular data; interoperability; FAIR principles; open access
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Albert, D.; Antony, B.; Ba, Y.A.; Babikov, Y.L.; Bollard, P.; Boudon, V.; Delahaye, F.; Del Zanna, G.; Dimitrijević, M.S.; Drouin, B.J.; Dubernet, M.-L.; Duensing, F.; Emoto, M.; Endres, C.; Fazliev, A.Z.; Glorian, J.-M.; Gordon, I.E.; Gratier, P.; Hill, C.; Jevremović, D.; Joblin, C.; Kwon, D.-H.; Kochanov, R.V.; Krishnakumar, E.; Leto, G.; Loboda, P.A.; Lukashevskaya, A.A.; Lyulin, O.M.; Marinković, B.P.; Markwick, A.; Marquart, T.; Mason, N.J.; Mendoza, C.; Millar, T.J.; Moreau, N.; Morozov, S.V.; Möller, T.; Müller, H.S.P.; Mulas, G.; Murakami, I.; Pakhomov, Y.; Palmeri, P.; Penguen, J.; Perevalov, V.I.; Piskunov, N.; Postler, J.; Privezentsev, A.I.; Quinet, P.; Ralchenko, Y.; Rhee, Y.-J.; Richard, C.; Rixon, G.; Rothman, L.S.; Roueff, E.; Ryabchikova, T.; Sahal-Bréchot, S.; Scheier, P.; Schilke, P.; Schlemmer, S.; Smith, K.W.; Schmitt, B.; Skobelev, I.Y.; Srecković, V.A.; Stempels, E.; Tashkun, S.A.; Tennyson, J.; Tyuterev, V.G.; Vastel, C.; Vujčić, V.; Wakelam, V.; Walton, N.A.; Zeippen, C.; Zwölf, C.M. A Decade with VAMDC: Results and Ambitions. Atoms 2020, 8, 76.

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Albert D, Antony B, Ba YA, Babikov YL, Bollard P, Boudon V, Delahaye F, Del Zanna G, Dimitrijević MS, Drouin BJ, Dubernet M-L, Duensing F, Emoto M, Endres C, Fazliev AZ, Glorian J-M, Gordon IE, Gratier P, Hill C, Jevremović D, Joblin C, Kwon D-H, Kochanov RV, Krishnakumar E, Leto G, Loboda PA, Lukashevskaya AA, Lyulin OM, Marinković BP, Markwick A, Marquart T, Mason NJ, Mendoza C, Millar TJ, Moreau N, Morozov SV, Möller T, Müller HSP, Mulas G, Murakami I, Pakhomov Y, Palmeri P, Penguen J, Perevalov VI, Piskunov N, Postler J, Privezentsev AI, Quinet P, Ralchenko Y, Rhee Y-J, Richard C, Rixon G, Rothman LS, Roueff E, Ryabchikova T, Sahal-Bréchot S, Scheier P, Schilke P, Schlemmer S, Smith KW, Schmitt B, Skobelev IY, Srecković VA, Stempels E, Tashkun SA, Tennyson J, Tyuterev VG, Vastel C, Vujčić V, Wakelam V, Walton NA, Zeippen C, Zwölf CM. A Decade with VAMDC: Results and Ambitions. Atoms. 2020; 8(4):76.

Chicago/Turabian Style

Albert, Damien; Antony, Bobby K.; Ba, Yaye A.; Babikov, Yuri L.; Bollard, Philippe; Boudon, Vincent; Delahaye, Franck; Del Zanna, Giulio; Dimitrijević, Milan S.; Drouin, Brian J.; Dubernet, Marie-Lise; Duensing, Felix; Emoto, Masahiko; Endres, Christian P.; Fazliev, Alexandr Z.; Glorian, Jean-Michel; Gordon, Iouli E.; Gratier, Pierre; Hill, Christian; Jevremović, Darko; Joblin, Christine; Kwon, Duck-Hee; Kochanov, Roman V.; Krishnakumar, Erumathadathil; Leto, Giuseppe; Loboda, Petr A.; Lukashevskaya, Anastasiya A.; Lyulin, Oleg M.; Marinković, Bratislav P.; Markwick, Andrew; Marquart, Thomas; Mason, Nigel J.; Mendoza, Claudio; Millar, Tom J.; Moreau, Nicolas; Morozov, Serguei V.; Möller, Thomas; Müller, Holger S.P.; Mulas, Giacomo; Murakami, Izumi; Pakhomov, Yury; Palmeri, Patrick; Penguen, Julien; Perevalov, Valery I.; Piskunov, Nikolai; Postler, Johannes; Privezentsev, Alexei I.; Quinet, Pascal; Ralchenko, Yuri; Rhee, Yong-Joo; Richard, Cyril; Rixon, Guy; Rothman, Laurence S.; Roueff, Evelyne; Ryabchikova, Tatiana; Sahal-Bréchot, Sylvie; Scheier, Paul; Schilke, Peter; Schlemmer, Stephan; Smith, Ken W.; Schmitt, Bernard; Skobelev, Igor Y.; Srecković, Vladimir A.; Stempels, Eric; Tashkun, Serguey A.; Tennyson, Jonathan; Tyuterev, Vladimir G.; Vastel, Charlotte; Vujčić, Veljko; Wakelam, Valentine; Walton, Nicholas A.; Zeippen, Claude; Zwölf, Carlo M. 2020. "A Decade with VAMDC: Results and Ambitions" Atoms 8, no. 4: 76.

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