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Peer-Review Record

Are Some Forecasters’ Probability Assessments of Macro Variables Better Than Those of Others?

Reviewer 1: Anonymous
Reviewer 2: Anonymous
Received: 24 November 2018 / Revised: 30 April 2020 / Accepted: 2 May 2020 / Published: 6 May 2020
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Celebrated Econometricians: David Hendry)

Round 1

Reviewer 1 Report

The reported is attached. 

Comments for author File: Comments.pdf

Author Response

I have uploaded a pdf file with my responses.

Author Response File: Author Response.pdf

Reviewer 2 Report

I read the paper with deep interest and found it to be very well written and useful in comparing conventional approaches to forecaster comparison to that of bootstrap methodology due to D'Agostino, McQuinn and Whalen (JMCB 2012). The paper is timely and will add to the evolving literature. It does need any revision. 

Author Response

Reviewer 2 suggests accepting the paper as is, so there is nothing to do, other than tank the reviewer.  

Round 2

Reviewer 1 Report

The author has revised paper adequately. 

Author Response

Thank you very much for reviewing our submission.

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