Portrait of Prof. Dr. Baležentis

Prof. Dr. Tomas Baležentis

Affiliation: Research Professor, Institute of Economics and Rural Development, Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences, Vilnius, Lithuania; Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania
Interests: multi-criteria decision making; agricultural economics; energy economics; and managerial economics
Portrait of Dr. Berbegal-Mirabent

Dr. Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent

Affiliation: Facultat de Ciències Econòmiques i Socials, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, 08017 Barcelona, Spain
Interests: strategic planning and management of higher education institutions; knowledge and technology transfer; entrepreneurship; efficiency analysis; qualitative comparative analysis
Portrait of Prof. Dr. Bergman

Prof. Dr. Manfred Max Bergman

Affiliation: Chair of Social Research and Methodology, Department of Social Sciences, University of Basel, Rheinsprung 24, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
Interests: business–society relations; sustainability; resilience; adaptation; mixed methods design; case studies
Portrait of Dr. Chidiebere-Mark

Dr. Nneka Chidiebere-Mark

Affiliation: Agricultural Economics, Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development, Imo State University, Owerri
Interests: food security; nutrition; climate change; entrepreneurship development; value chain; production economics
Portrait of Prof. Dr. Gil Madrona

Prof. Dr. Pedro Gil Madrona

Affiliation: Department of Didactics of Music, Plastic and Physical Education Pedagogy, Faculty of Education, University of Castilla-La Mancha, 02071, Albacete, Spain
Interests: child physical education; child psychomotor development; physical education and emotions; intercultural physical education; qualitative research
Portrait of Prof. Dr. Holm

Prof. Dr. Poul Holm

Affiliation: Trinity College Dublin, College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland
Interests: humanities; environmental history
Portrait of Dr. Kusch-Brandt

Dr. Sigrid Kusch-Brandt

Affiliation: Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK
Interests: circular economy; environmental sustainability; environmental engineering; renewable resources; sustainable consumption and production
Portrait of  Mabunda

Tiyani T. Mabunda

Affiliation: Director: Open Scholarship, Library and Information Services, North-West University, South Africa
Interests: academic libraries; open access; scholarly communication; knowledge management; change management
Portrait of Prof. Dr. McNeill

Prof. Dr. Lisa McNeill

Affiliation: Associate Dean Postgraduate Research, Department of Marketing, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
Interests: sustainability; consumption choices; conscious consumption; fashion; luxury; food; identity construction and aspects of self
Portrait of Prof. Dr. Porretta

Prof. Dr. Pasqualina Porretta

Affiliation: Economics Faculty, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy.
Interests: risk measurement and management; capital regulatory framework; financial derivatives; credit guarantee institutions and securitization
Portrait of Prof. Dr. Rebelo dos Santos

Prof. Dr. Nuno Rebelo dos Santos

Affiliation: Universidade de Évora, Social Sciences School, Évora, Portugal
Interests: sustainability; leadership; cooperation; ethics; performance development and measurement; decent work; development; global issues
Portrait of Prof. Dr. Roig-Vila

Prof. Dr. Rosabel Roig-Vila

Affiliation: Department of General Teaching and Specific Teaching, University of Alicante, 03690, San Vicente del Raspeig - Alicante, Spain
Interests: educational technology; educational software; higher education; teaching methods; classroom environment; evaluation methods; quality control
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