Transitioning to Sustainability

ISSN: 2624-9324 (Print); ISSN: 2624-9332 (Online)

With a new Open Access book series centered on the SDGs, MDPI pursues environmentally and socially relevant research which contributes to efforts toward a sustainable world. Transitioning to Sustainability aims to add to the conversation about regional and global sustainable development according to the 17 SDGs. Set to be published in spring 2020, and coinciding with the SDGs’ 5-year anniversary, the book series is intended to reach beyond disciplinary, even academic boundaries.

In 17 volumes, Transitioning to Sustainability examines each of the 17 SDG in its dynamic and multifaceted nature. Each volume will present approaches to, achievements of, and challenges for the respective SDG. Considering the complex links among the SDGs, each volume also highlights complementarities to, as well as tradeoffs with, other goals. To reflect the diversity of positions, each volume may include theory chapters, chapters presenting empirical research, position pieces, progress on important research programmes, and stakeholder initiatives.

In addition to the 17 volumes dedicated to the SDGs, one volume aims to cover a global perspective on sustainability and the SDGs. It is intended to set the SDGs into context, notably, in view of other agendas, such as the Paris Agreement. Also, it will respond to the 5-year anniversary of the SDGs. Transitioning to Sustainability will be presented and serve as a basis for discussions at the World Sustainability Week, to be held from14-19 September 2020 in Geneva.

MDPI supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For use of the SDG logos and design, please see the according Guidelines for the use of the SDG logo, color wheel, and 17 icons.

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