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15–30 June 2022 The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Antibiotics—Drugs for Superbugs: Antibiotic Discovery, Modes of Action, and Mechanisms of Resistance


We are pleased to launch the 2nd International Electronic Conference on Antibiotics—Drugs for Superbugs: Antibiotic Discovery, Modes of Action, and Mechanisms of Resistance (ECA2022), chaired by Prof. Dr. Manuel Simões and Prof. Dr. Jesus Simal-Gandara, which will be held virtually from 15 to 30 June 2022.

This conference aims to provide an opportunity to representatives of academia, industry, and health services to discuss and advance our current knowledge on how to control microorganisms. We hope to encourage discovery across the discipline as we cover the following seven broad themes in Sessions S1–S7, as listed below:

  • S1. Antimicrobial Discovery, Development, and Optimization
  • S2. Mechanisms of Action and Resistance
  • S3. Epidemiology and Multidrug Resistance
  • S4. Repurposing and Antimicrobial Adjuvants
  • S5. Antimicrobials and Interfaces
  • S6. Clinical Studies
  • S7. Initiatives and Policies on Antimicrobial Development and Resistance

The conference is organized and sponsored by MDPI and the scientific journal Antibiotics (ISSN 2079-6382, IF 4.639), and it will be completely free of charge. You are welcome to both upload and present your work and to attend this conference.

The conference proceeding papers and presentations will be available online for discussion during the time of the conference and will be published in the journal Medical Sciences Forum (you will be informed before your abstract is published, and you can decide whether to publish it or not). In addition, all participants of ECA2022 are welcome to submit an extended full paper to the Special Issue of the journal Antibiotics with a 20% discount on the Article Processing Charges.

Important Dates:
Abstract Submission: 15 April 2022
Notification of Acceptance: 30 April 2022
Proceedings Paper Submission Deadline: 10 May 2022
Conference Date: 15–30 June 2022

Event Awards
To acknowledge the support of the conference esteemed authors and recognize their outstanding scientific accomplishments, we are pleased to launch the following awards:

Best Paper Award
Prize: 500 CHF and a chance to publish a waived paper in Antibiotics in 2022.

Best Poster Award
Prize: 300 CHF.

For more information on ECA2022, please visit the conference website ( or contact us by email ([email protected]).

We look forward to receiving your research papers and to welcoming you to the electronic conference.

Conference Secretariat

27–29 July 2022 3rd MMCS: Shaping Medicinal Chemistry for the New Decade

Rome, Italy

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 3rd Molecules Medicinal Chemistry Symposium—Shaping Medicinal Chemistry for the New Decade (MMCS2022), to be held in Rome, Italy, from 27-29 July 2022.

The conference is co-organized by the Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Drug Chemistry and Technology, and MDPI, the publisher of the open-access journal Molecules. The conference is a follow-up to the successful 2nd Molecules Medicinal Chemistry Symposium—Facing Novel Challenges in Drug Discovery (MMCS2019), held in May 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. This turned out to be a very fruitful forum that delved into numerous topics. The excellent atmosphere was created by the presence of more than 190 attendees from 30 countries.

The MMCS2022 will be organized into a number of thematic sessions, and a non-exhaustive list of topics that will be considered includes:

  1. Molecules against drug-resistant microorganisms and SARS-CoV-2;
  2. Targeting proteins for degradation: PROTACS, PHOTACS, LYTACs, and molecular glues;
  3. Machine learning in drug design;
  4. Natural compounds in drug discovery;
  5. Multitarget drug discovery;
  6. Medicinal chemistry tales.

In each session, two prominent and inspiring keynote speakers will share the program with a number of oral communications selected from among the contributions submitted by young researchers. The program will be complemented by poster presentations and social events.

The 3rd MMCS: Shaping Medicinal Chemistry for the New Decade will accept abstracts only. All accepted abstracts will be available online in open access form on Participants of this conference are encouraged to contribute with a full manuscript to our one Special Issue related to the conference in the journal Molecules (ISSN 1420-3049, Impact Factor: 4.411 (2020)). The conference participants will be granted a 20% discount on the publishing fees.

Important Dates:

  • Covering author deadline: 27 June 2022;
  • Late Registration: 8 July 2022.

In order to recognize the works presented during the conference in the format of posters and presentations, two awards will be offered to our conference participants, which will be announced during the award ceremony on the last day of the conference.

  • Best Oral Presentation (EUR 500)

Selected by the Scientific Committee after evaluation of all selected talks presented during the conference.

  • Best Poster (EUR 300)

Selected by the Scientific Committee after an evaluation of the posters received.

We look forward to seeing you in Rome.

Prof. Rino Ragno

Editor of the “Medicinal Chemistry” Section of Molecules


Prof. Diego Muñoz-Torrero

Editor-in-Chief of the “Medicinal Chemistry” Section of Molecules

MMCS2022 Chairs

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7–9 November 2022 7th International Symposium on Antimicrobial Peptides – AMP 2022

Paris, France

The continuous and ever-increasing resistance to antibiotics represents a major challenge to global public health. In this context, there is an urgent need to identify novel potential antimicrobials, to dissect their molecular mechanism(s) of action, and to characterize their function in the context of complex immune responses. Antimicrobial peptides (AMP) represent a class of antibiotic molecules that display targeted activity against microorganisms, which are produced by living organisms as diverse as bacteria, fungi, plants, insects, and vertebrates, and which can be as well artificially designed and synthesized.

In this context, AMP2022 will bring together the world’s leading experts in the field to discuss the most recent research advances on:

  1. The discovery, biosynthesis pathways and bioengineering of novel antimicrobial peptides;
  2. The mechanisms of antimicrobial activities and bacterial resistance;
  3. Immune modulation by antimicrobial peptides;
  4. The interplay between antimicrobial peptides and microbiota;
  5. Antimicrobial peptides in the One Health context and applications.

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