Sections - Antibiotics

Antibiotics Use and Antimicrobial Stewardship 428 Articles

Dr. Albert Figueras  
Current Special Issues (63)

Novel Antimicrobial Agents 155 Articles

Prof. Dr. Carlos M. Franco  
Current Special Issues (19)

Antimicrobial Peptides 69 Articles

Dr. Jean-Marc Sabatier  

Biosynthesis and Combinatorial Approaches in Antimicrobial Discovery 3 Articles

Prof. Dr. Manuel Simões  

Mechanism and Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance 181 Articles

Prof. Dr. John E. Gustafson  
Current Special Issues (25)

Fungi and their Metabolites 10 Articles

Prof. Dr. Gary A. Strobel  

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Drugs 30 Articles

Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Lipman  

Plant-Derived Antibiotics 97 Articles

Prof. Dr. William N. Setzer  

Mechanisms of Antibiotic Action 8 Articles

Dr. Anthony William Coleman  

Structures of Bacterial Proteins 2 Articles

Prof. Dr. Aaron J. Oakley  

Biochemical and Genetics Studies of Microorganisms 16 Articles

Prof. Dr. Anders Løbner-Olesen  

Bacteriophages 73 Articles

Prof. Dr. Adelaide Almeida  

The Global Need for Effective Antibiotics 47 Articles

Prof. Dr. Jesus Simal-Gandara  
Current Special Issues (16)


Current Special Issues (88)
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