Sections - Antibiotics

Antibiotics Use and Antimicrobial Stewardship 294 Articles

Dr. Albert Figueras  
Current Special Issues (24)

Novel Antimicrobial Agents 110 Articles

Prof. Carlos M. Franco  

Antimicrobial Peptides 59 Articles

Dr. Jean-Marc Sabatier  
Current Special Issues (6)

Antibiotic Biosynthesis 2 Articles

Prof. Dr. Manuel Simões  

Mechanism and Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance 148 Articles

Prof. Dr. John E. Gustafson  
Current Special Issues (13)

Fungi and their Metabolites 8 Articles

Prof. Dr. Gary A. Strobel  

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Drugs 14 Articles

Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Lipman  

Plant-Derived Antibiotics 74 Articles

Prof. Dr. William N. Setzer  
Current Special Issues (8)

Mechanisms of Antibiotic Action 6 Articles

Dr. Anthony William Coleman  

Structures of Bacterial Proteins

Prof. Dr. Aaron J. Oakley  

Biochemical and Genetics Studies of Microorganisms 14 Articles

Prof. Dr. Anders Løbner-Olesen  

Bacteriophages 59 Articles

Prof. Dr. Adelaide Almeida  

The Global Need for Effective Antibiotics 18 Articles

Prof. Dr. Jesus Simal-Gandara  


Current Special Issues (149)
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