Applied Sciences

Applied Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal on all aspects of applied natural sciences published semimonthly online by MDPI.
Impact Factor: 2.679 (2020) ; 5-Year Impact Factor: 2.736 (2020)
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Topic in Applied Sciences, Mining, Energies, Forests, Safety
Interdisciplinary Studies for Sustainable Mining Topic Editors: Yosoon Choi, Sung-Min Kim
Deadline: 31 May 2022
Topic in Applied Sciences, Geosciences, Materials, Minerals, Modelling
Stochastic Geomechanics: From Experimentation to Forward Modeling Topic Editors: Zenon Medina-Cetina, Yichuan Zhu
Deadline: 30 June 2022
Topic in Energies, Materials, Applied Sciences, Batteries, Nanoenergy Advances
Applications of Nanomaterials in Energy Systems Topic Editors: Eleftheria C. Pyrgioti, Ioannis F. Gonos, Diaa-Eldin A. Mansour
Deadline: 31 July 2022
Topic in Materials, Metals, Applied Sciences, Polymers, JMMP
Material and Process Innovations for 3D Printing Applications Topic Editors: Ludwig Cardon, Clemens Holzer
Deadline: 20 August 2022
Special Issue in Applied Sciences
Automated Composite Manufacturing Guest Editor: Farjad Shadmehri
Deadline: 20 May 2022
Special Issue in Applied Sciences
Environmental Friendly Technologies in Power Engineering Guest Editor: Dmitrii O. Glushkov
Deadline: 30 May 2022
Special Issue in Applied Sciences
Biomicrofluidic Systems for Diagnostics and Clinical Applications Guest Editor: Melikhan Tanyeri
Deadline: 10 June 2022
Special Issue in Applied Sciences
Low-Dimensional Magnetic Systems: Physical Principles and Technological Applications Guest Editor: Roberto Zivieri
Deadline: 30 June 2022
Topical Collection in Applied Sciences
Deep Vision Algorithms and Applications Collection Editors: Byung-Gyu Kim, Partha Pratim Roy
Topical Collection in Applied Sciences
Distributed Energy Systems Collection Editor: Rodolfo Dufo-López
Topical Collection in Applied Sciences
Intelligent Transportation Systems Ⅱ: Beyond Intelligent Vehicles Collection Editors: Javier Alonso Ruiz, Jeroen Ploeg, Angel Llamazares, Noelia Hernández Parra
Topical Collection in Applied Sciences
Optical Design and Engineering Collection Editors: Zhi-Ting Ye, Pin Han, Chun Hung Lai, Yi Chin Fang
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