2–3 December 2021, Lodz, Poland
XXVII Conference of Lightweight Structures in Civil Engineering LSCE 2021

There are two equivalent ways in which Participants can fully attend the conference:

  1. Traditional participation
  2. Remote participation

More details at Conference website.

The aim of the Conference is to bring together researchers and professionals from different countries and to provide opportunity to present results of their work.

The lightweight structure belongs to civil engineering objects, erected by peoples, which distinguish in relation to similar erected up till now, by relatively small amount of build in material and assuring simultaneously extremely high exploitation parameters like: large spans of roofs or bridges without middle supports, height of buildings, towers or masts and extremely large useful surface or free volume of buildings, tanks or reservoirs. It is intended that all following topics can be included: spatial lattice structures, plate and shell structures, domes and membranes, high-rise buildings, towers, reservoirs, bridges, thin-walled, tension, cable and pneumatic structures. Any kind of material and structures can be discussed which corresponds with above definition. Also all methods of analysis as: analytical, numerical and experimental are welcomed. The scope of the conference is not limited only to broadly understood theoretical considerations but also includes engineering issues related to new technologies in construction, implementation problems, as well as the presentation of completed facilities.

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