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Theory of the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Electron
JJ2LSJ Transformation and Unique Labeling for Energy Levels
Validation and Implementation of Uncertainty Estimates of Calculated Transition Rates
Widths and Shifts of Isolated Lines of Neutral and Ionized Atoms Perturbed by Collisions With Electrons and Ions: An Outline of the Semiclassical Perturbation (SCP) Method and of the Approximations Used for the Calculations
Development of NIST Atomic Databases and Online Tools
Ion Dynamics Effect on Stark-Broadened Line Shapes: A Cross-Comparison of Various Models
Fusion-Related Ionization and Recombination Data for Tungsten Ions in Low to Moderately High Charge States
Evaluation of State-Resolved Reaction Probabilities and Their Application in Population Models for He, H, and H2
Oriented Polar Molecules in a Solid Inert-Gas Matrix: A Proposed Method for Measuring the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron
High-Precision Measurements of the Bound Electron’s Magnetic Moment
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AtomPy: An Open Atomic Data Curation Environment for Astrophysical Applications
Decoherence in Excited Atoms by Low-Energy Scattering
Emission of β+ Particles Via Internal Pair Production in the 0+ – 0+ Transition of 90Zr: Historical Background and Current Applications in Nuclear Medicine Imaging
Experiments with Highly-Ionized Atoms in Unitary Penning Traps
Welcome to Atoms: A New Open Access Journal
Second Order Stark-Effect Induced Gailitis Resonances in e + Ps and p + 7Li
Hydrogen Spectral Line Shape Formation in the SOL of Fusion Reactor Plasmas
Notes on Critical Assessment of Theoretical Calculations of Atomic Structure and Transition Probabilities
Validation and Implementation of Uncertainty Estimates of Calculated Transition Rates
Prospects for Precise Measurements with Echo Atom Interferometry
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