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15–30 October 2021 The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Foods 2021 — Future Foods and Food Technologies for a Sustainable World


Following the considerable success of the First Electronic Conference on Food Science, I am delighted to invite you to join the Second International Electronic Conference on Foods 2021: Future Foods and Food Technologies for a Sustainable World in Food Science. I hope that you will agree to take part in this free conference, which will enable you to share and discuss your most recent research findings with the vibrant worldwide community of food scientists and technologists.

Food science and technology are gaining importance in response to the global need to carefully manage resources whilst providing a nutritious diet for the burgeoning world population. It is through collaboration, communication, and community that food scientists can help to ensure that a safe and healthy diet is available to all and thus eliminate starvation and food wastage.

At this point of restricted travel and personal contact, it is a pleasure to still be able to collaborate electronically via Foods 2021 (Second International Electronic Conference on Food Science). This internet conference is designed to allow you to present your research to colleagues and interact as fully as possible with all those involved in this conference. For this, I thank the fantastic team at MDPI, who have set up and managed the complex arrangements required to allow us the opportunity to hold this virtual conference. l hope that you will meet old friends and make new ones. There will be many fascinating papers to spark everyone’s interest.

Foods 2021 will make your presentation accessible to hundreds of researchers worldwide, with the active engagement of the audience in question and answer sessions and discussion groups that will take place online to enhance the experience. I hope you will join us in presenting your work at Foods 2021 and taking part in this thriving online experience.

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the conference committee. The authors of accepted contributions will be invited to produce an extended abstract for the conference proceedings, along with a slide presentation of their work. Following the conference, outstanding contributions will be invited to be submitted for publication in Foods.

The conference has been divided into nine themes, but there will be a large amount of overlap between these themes. Please submit your articles as soon as possible, indicating which theme you think best suits your submission.

Session 1: COVID-19 Risks to Global Food Security and Sustainability

Session 2: Novel Technologies and Future Food

Session 3: Food Nutrition and Human Health

Session 4: Food Analysis and Foodomics

Session 5: Food Chemistry and Biochemistry

Session 6: Consumers’ Preferences and Food Choices

Session 7: Food Microbiology and Fermentation

Session 8: Food Packaging and Preservation

Session 9: Innovative Food Additives and Ingredients

The future of humanity depends on managing the Earth’s resources and, importantly, providing a healthy sustaining diet for a burgeoning population. Food science and technology are the key areas which are needed to achieve this.

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21–24 June 2022 3rd International Conference on Food Bioactives & Health

Parma, Italy

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 3rd International Conference on Food Bioactives & Health, that will be held on June 21-24, 2022 in the amazing city of Parma, Italy. This third conference in the series comes after the great success of the previous meetings, held in Norwich in 2016 and in Lisbon in 2018. Both events were very well organized and were a great success. We are, therefore, committed to match these standards and are preparing what we are sure will be a unique event. The topics addressed by FBHC2020 have been broadened to cover a wide range of topics on food bioactives and health, including (poly)phenols, carotenoids, glucosinolates & other organosulfur compounds, fatty acids & sterols, polysaccharides, and peptides & protein. In addition, a session will be devoted to toxic compounds, an often overlooked topic that is important from a holistic perspective in the role of food bioactives and their impact on human health. Particular attention will be paid on transversal topics such as personalised nutrition, gut microbiota, dietary intake, and nutritional policy. The Conference aims to offer plenty of networking opportunities, providing the chance to interact with renowned scientists and to stimulate creative exchange among researchers. Young scientists will have a lot of opportunities to showcase their work and obtain feedback from experienced international scientist. June is a perfect time to visit Parma, a lively and cultural city, located in Northern Italy, that is surrounded by parks, vineyards, lakes and medieval castles. Most importantly, Parma is a “food city”. It has been recognised as UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and hosts the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) headquarters. The congress year, 2020, will be a great time to visit Parma as it will be the Italian Capital of Culture and full of numerous special attractions. In addition, we are planning a “family friendly conference”, with organized activities for the children of delegates during the sessions, including "learning through playing” games focusing on healthy nutrition and lifestyle. We hope you will participate in what will be a memorable conference in the beautiful city of Parma!

With best wishes,

The Organizing Committee.

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