Sections - Cells

Cell Motility and Adhesion 193 Articles

Dr. Francisco Rivero  

Cell Signaling 1055 Articles

Dr. Stephen Yarwood  

Cell Nuclei: Function, Transport and Receptors 441 Articles

Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Miyamoto  

Autophagy 247 Articles

Prof. Dr. Fulvio Reggiori  

Organelle Function 572 Articles

Prof. Dr. Paolo Bernardi  

Stem Cells 640 Articles

Prof. Dr. Alexander V. Ljubimov  

Plant, Algae and Fungi Cell Biology 231 Articles

Prof. Dr. Suleyman Allakhverdiev  

Cellular Immunology 812 Articles

Prof. Dr. Alessandro Poggi  

Cellular Pathology 786 Articles

Prof. Dr. Ritva Tikkanen  

Cells of the Nervous System 418 Articles

Prof. Dr. Naweed I. Syed  

Cell Proliferation and Division 78 Articles

Cellular Aging 231 Articles

Prof. Dr. Christoph Englert  

Reproductive Cells and Development 79 Articles

Cellular Metabolism 57 Articles

Dr. Christian Neri  

Cell Microenvironment 116 Articles

Prof. Dr. Alexander Dityatev  

Cell Methods 74 Articles

Cellular Biophysics 69 Articles

Cell and Gene Therapy 166 Articles

Cells of the Cardiovascular System 104 Articles

Dr. Kay-Dietrich Wagner  

Tissues and Organs


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