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15–31 March 2022 The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Diversity (IECD 2022)—New Insights into the Biodiversity of Plants, Animals and Microbes


The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Diversity (IECD 2022)—New Insights into the Biodiversity of Plants, Animals and Microbes will be held from 15–31 March 2022. IECD 2022 aims to promote research and communication in the fields of animals, plants and microbes. All proceedings will be held online at

IECD 2022 will include three sessions:

Session A: Animals Diversity
Session B: Plants Diversity
Session C: Microbes Diversity

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Marine diversity;
  2. Animal diversity;
  3. Plant diversity;
  4. Microbial diversity and culture collections;
  5. Chemical biodiversity and chemical ecology;
  6. Biodiversity conservation;
  7. Biogeography and macroecology;
  8. Phylogeny and evolution;
  9. Biodiversity loss and dynamics;
  10. Mesophotic ecosystem diversity;
  11. Invasive species and diversity.

The conference will be completely free of charge—both to attend and for scholars to upload and present their latest work on the conference platform. There will also be the possibility to submit selected papers to the journal Diversity (ISSN 1424-2818; Impact Factor: 2.465) with a 20% discount on the APCs.

IECD 2022 offers you the opportunity to participate in this international, scholarly conference without having the concern or expenditure of travel—all you need is your computer and access to the Internet. We would like to invite you to “attend” this conference and present your latest work.

Abstracts (in English) should be submitted by 15 October 2021 online at For accepted abstracts, the full paper can be submitted by 8 January 2022. The conference proceedings papers and presentations will be available on Sciforum for discussion during the time of the conference (15–31 March 2022) and will then be published in the MDPI Environmental Sciences Proceedings journal. Please send any questions to the Diversity Editorial Office at [email protected]

We hope that you will be able to join this exciting event and support us in making it a success.

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Upcoming Partner Conferences (1)

4–8 July 2022 The 6th World Lagomorph Conference

Montpellier, France

The World Lagomorph Conference, which takes place every four years, brings together researchers and experts on rabbits, hares, and pikas from all over the world. This quadriennal meeting organised on behalf of the World Lagomorph Society is a great opportunity to share and exchange information on the natural history, ecology, evolution, behaviour, physiology, genetics, morphology, diseases, management and conservation of wild lagomorphs.

We look forward to welcoming you in Montpellier, in the beautiful south of France (in 2022) !

Important dates & deadlines

  • 20 September 2021         Start of abstract submission
  • 5 January 2022               Start of early conference registration
  • 31 January 2022              End of abstract submission
  • 1 March 2022                  Decision regarding the acceptance of posters and talks
  • 31 March 2022                End of early conference registration
  • 31 May 2022                   End of late conference registrations
  • 4-8 July 2022                 6th World Lagomorph Conference

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