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Section Topical Advisory Panel Members for 'Complexity' (5)

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Dr. Tommaso Alberti
National Institute of Astrophysics, Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology (INAF-IAPS), 00133 Rome, Italy
Interests: solar wind–magnetosphere–ionosphere; space weather; turbulence; complexity
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Dr. Gaurav Dhiman
Government Bikram College of Commerce, Patiala 147001, Punjab, India
Interests: artificial intelligence; optimization; fuzzy systems; machine learning; software engineering
Prof. Dr. Czeslaw Mesjasz
Faculty of Management, Cracow University of Economics, Rakowicka 27, 31-510 Kraków, Poland
Interests: management; project management; systems studies; complexity of social systems; game theory; negotiation and conflict; corporate governance
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Dr. Fabio Saracco
IMT School for Advanced Studies, P.zza S. Francesco 19, 55100 Lucca, Italy
Interests: entropy; complex networks; online social networks; economic complexity
Dr. Szabolcs Horvát
Center for Systems Biology Dresden, 01307 Dresden, Germany
Interests: complex systems; entropy; network science; connectomics; spatial networks
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