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Section Topical Advisory Panel Members for 'Signal and Data Analysis' (7)

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Dr. Francesc Font-Clos
Center for Complexity and Biosystems, Department of Physics, University of Milan, via Celoria 16, 20133 Milano, Italy
Interests: large language models; linguistic laws; boolean models; gene-regulatory networks; machine learning; complex systems and networks
Dr. Fan YANG
Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
Interests: prognosis and health management; smart alarm monitoring; intelligent fault diagnosis
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Dr. Amir H. Payberah
Division of Software and Computer System, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 16440 Kista, Sweden
Interests: distributed systems and algorithms; data intensive computing platforms; large scale machine learning and deep learning
Dr. Domenico Vitulano
1. Sapienza – Rome University, SBAI Department, Via Antonio Scarpa 14, 00161 Rome, Italy
2. Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo, Via dei Taurini 19, 00185 Rome, Italy
Interests: signal and image coding; pattern recognition; indexing and computer vision; visibility laws; wavelets; iterated function systems; variational models
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Prof. Dr. Sergio Cruces
Departamento de Teoría de la Señal y Comunicaciones, Universidad de Sevilla, Camino de los Descubrimientos s/n, 41092 Seville, Spain
Interests: signal processing; information theory; machine learning; communications; audio
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Prof. Dr. John Allen
Research Centre for Intelligent Healthcare, Coventry University, Coventry CV1 5FB, UK
Interests: novel sensors and devices; physiological measurements and analysis in vascular optics; photoplethysmography (PPG); pulse; microcirculation and its assessment; capillaries
Ramon Llull University, ESADE, Av. Torre Blanca, 59, 08172 Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain
Interests: complex networks; financial networks; machine learning; ethics and machine learning
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