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Animal Genetics and Genomics 694 Articles

Dr. Elaine Ostrander  
Dr. Antonio Figueras  
Current Special Issues (12)

Human Genomics and Genetic Diseases 1310 Articles

Prof. Dr. Roel Ophoff  
Prof. Dr. Donato Gemmati  
Prof. Dr. Gil Atzmon  
Prof. Dr. Mariarosa Anna Beatrice Melone  
Prof. Dr. Selvarangan Ponnazhagan  
Current Special Issues (42)

Molecular Genetics and Genomics 1185 Articles

Dr. Paolo Cinelli  
Prof. Dr. Albert Jeltsch  
Topical Collections (3)
Current Special Issues (68)

Microbial Genetics and Genomics 452 Articles

Prof. Dr. Thierry Wirth  
Dr. Jose M. Requena  
Prof. Dr. Silvia Turroni  
Current Special Issues (17)

Population and Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics 382 Articles

Prof. Dr. Nico M. Van Straalen  
Topical Collections (1)
Current Special Issues (20)

Plant Genetics and Genomics 816 Articles

Prof. Dr. Roberto Tuberosa  
Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Batley  
Prof. Dr. Bin Yu  
Current Special Issues (29)

Technologies and Resources for Genetics 497 Articles

Prof. Dr. Montserrat Corominas  
Dr. Stefania Bortoluzzi  
Prof. Dr. Piero Fariselli  
Dr. Anelia D. Horvath  
Topical Collections (1)

Epigenomics 8 Articles

Prof. Dr. Michal R. Schweiger  
Current Special Issues (3)

Neurogenomics 3 Articles

Prof. Dr. Diego Centonze  
Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Lesch  
Current Special Issues (3)


Prof. Dr. Emiliano Giardina  

RNA 17 Articles

Prof. Dr. Christiane Branlant  
Prof. Dr. Björn Voß  
Current Special Issues (6)


Bioinformatics 2 Articles

Prof. Dr. Stefano Lonardi  

Cytogenomics 1 Article

Prof. Dr. Mario Ventura  
Prof. Dr. Darren Griffin  
Current Special Issues (2)

Genes & Environments 1 Article

Genetic Diagnosis 3 Articles

Transgenic Technology

Prof. Dr. Zoltan Ivics  

Viral Genomics


Topical Collections (1)
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