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The current energy and environmental debates seem to be in a continuous state of flux, with novel or relatively unaddressed issues frequently emerging. 

This new section bridges the scientific community’s understanding of major energy, environmental and finance issues and decision-makers’ huge need to conduct relevant and appropriate policies and regulations on the basis of more accurate insights.

This section is highly interested in both detailed scientific models of various energy economic and finance issues and specific environmental problems.
It covers topics related to energy economics modeling, energy impacts on financial markets, energy risks, indicators of environmental quality, transition to renewable energy, among others. We encourage the submission of empirical papers devoted to markets for energy commodities and derivatives, energy and environmental regulation, energy supply security, the quality and efficiency of energy services, the efficacy of market-based approaches and governmental interventions, environmental technology and innovation and the environment, agricultural economics issues related to the environmental problems, and environmental behavior and responses to regulations.

This section also offers a forum where researchers can publish detailed descriptions of modern and advanced techniques and prominent energy and environmental models, together with the accompanying assessment and underlying assumptions.

The section is mainly aimed at individuals in academia, governments, and industries. It seeks to publish papers that develop and apply new methods for the application of economic and financial principles to help: (1) market stakeholders (in particular, investors, speculators, traders, portfolio managers) consider these different scenarios when adjusting their hedging and diversification strategies, and (2) inform global decision-makers to ensure energy security and environmental protection, natural resource utilization and ecosystem management.

Please note that we do not publish analyses that are likely to be minor extensions of the existing literature. Case studies can be considered if they demonstrate the applicability of the conducted analysis to different regions or inform the broader field of energy and environmental economics and finance.

Prof. Dr. Shawkat Hammoudeh
Section Editor-in-Chief


The section considers (but is not limited to) articles on the following themes:

Energy and environmental modeling – energy and environmental planning, modeling, and forecasting.

Energy finance – oil price risk and financial contagion, financialization of energy futures markets, oil price drops and commodity markets, and portfolio optimization including energy/commodities derivatives.

Energy economics – economic development and energy prices under different market conditions, energy shocks and economic growth in developed and developing countries, oil markets and macroeconomy, regulations and taxation and subsidies in energy markets and the macroeconomy, electricity supply and demand functions, global and regional trade of energy products, and monetary and fiscal policies in oil-exporting countries.

Energy resources – bioresources (e.g., biomass, waste), fossil fuels (including natural gas), geothermal, hydrogen, hydropower, nuclear, marine and ocean energy, solar and wind, energy resources and sustainable development in developing economies, and energy efficiency and conservation.

Energy and geopolitics – energy supply security, strategic petroleum reserves and oil prices, and discretionary income effect of oil price shocks.

Environment and climate change – transition towards a low carbon economy, green growth indicators, sustainable and responsible investing, mobilizing bond markets for a low-carbon transition, tackling environmental problems with the help of behavioral information, sectoral environmental policy impact analysis, sustainable and renewable energy supply chains, economic, social, energy and environmental aspects of transportation, energy and environmental cost of urbanization and industrialization, energy and environmental issues, energy use and climate, energy and environmental aspects of financial development and tourism, health issues, global biodiversity financial gap (financing nature), environment and climate, trade, development, and monetary policy, fiscal policy to address energy-related to environmental impacts.

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