10th Anniversary of Land

This year, 2021, marks the 10th anniversary of the journal Land (ISSN 2073-445X). Land is the only open-access journal covering all aspects of land science, and it is a pioneering platform for publishing on land system science. Since 2012, there are 284 peer-reviewed articles that have been cited 10 times or more by 19 August 2021. We value the contributions of authors and reviewers. To celebrate this 10th anniversary, we are arranging a series of special content and events. We hope that you can join us to celebrate our journal’s milestone and enjoy the collection below.

Development and Achievements

View the 10-year timeline infographic here. Trace the development of Land from its origins with remarkable events.

Land released its inaugural issue and was published as a quarterly journal.

Founding Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Andrew Millington

Land was covered by the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI—Web of Science)

Land was indexed in Scopus.

Land exhibited at GLP OSM in Beijing and organized the first editorial-board meeting, chaired by the EiC, Prof. Dr. Andrew Millington.

Land was affiliated with the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE)

A printed edition of Special Issue Urban Land Systems: An Ecosystems Perspective was published in Land, edited by Prof. Dr. Andrew Millington, Prof. Dr. Harini Nagend

Publication frequency changed from quarterly to monthly.

Land's CiteScore (2018 Scopus data) was 2.15, which equals rank 37/140 (Q2) in the category of Nature and Landscape Conservation, and 90/336 (Q2) in Ecology.


Land has been accepted for coverage in Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI—Web of Science) starting from Volume 6.

The journal was divided into five topical sections: Land Systems and Global Change, Landscape Ecology, Soil–Sediment–Water Systems, Socio-Economic and Political Aspects of Contemporary and Historical Land Issues, and Urban Contexts and Urban–Rural Interactions.


Land's CiteScore (2019 Scopus data) was 2.80.


Land received its first Impact Factor, 2.429, which ranks 58th out of 123 (Q2) in the category of Environmental Studies (SSCI).


Four new sections were established in Land: Land–Climate Interactions, Landscape Archaeology, Landscape Design/Landscape Architecture, and Land Use Planning/Land Planning.

Land is affiliated with the European Land-use Institute (ELI).



Land's CiteScore (2020 Scopus data) was 3.0.


Land received the new Impact Factor, 3.395, which ranks 57/125 (Q2) in the category “Environmental Studies” (SSCI).


Land was affiliated with the Landscape Institute (LI).


Land jointly held the webinar with GLP Working Group Remote Sensing In Big Data Era titled Sustainable Development of Global Oil Palm Plantations: Applications of Remote Sensing. The views hit record highs in MDPI webinars.

Land jointly held the webinar with ONet and Chuo University titled Cultural Landscapes: Old and New Challenges for Sustainability’.


Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Christine Fürst

Celebration Activities

Land celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2021. We are establishing a series of events to commemorate this important milestone in both the academic area and journal development of Land.

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The 1st International Electronic Conference on Land: Towards Land System Science

We launched the first virtual conference in November, 2021. The 1st International Electronic Conference on Land: Towards Land System Science will take place virtually on 17–19 May 2022.

Land 2021 10th Anniversary Best Paper Award


Land 2021 10th Anniversary Outstanding Reviewer Award (500 CHF)


Anniversary Special Issues

Collection of Excellent Works

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