Journal History

1920 The first issue of the Lithuanian-language journal Medicina (Kaunas, Lithuania) is published in May. The first Editor-in-Chief is physician Dr. Juozas Žemgulys. The journal is published monthly.
1922 Dr. Jonas Staugaitis becomes Editor-in-Chief of Medicina, and he remains in this role for 22 years (until 1944).
1923 The abstracts of all articles are published in German.
1941–1944 As a result of political changes, Medicina is renamed twice within this period (L.T.S.R. Medicina and Lietuviškoji Medicina).
1944 Publication of the journal is suspended until the re-establishment of Lithuanian independence in 1990.
1989 The re-established Lithuanian Medical Association decides to resume the publication of Medicina.
1990 Medicina publishes its first issue after its 46-year break. Dr. Zigmantas Satkevičius becomes Editor-in-Chief.
2001 Under a tripartite agreement among Kaunas University of Medicine, Lithuanian Medical Association and Vilnius University, the journal is reorganized. Habil. Dr. Vilius Grabauskas is appointed Editor-in-Chief, and Dr. Egidijus Kėvelaitis becomes Chairman and Executive Editor. Medicina becomes an open access journal.
2002 Medicina becomes the first Lithuanian scientific journal to be indexed in Index Medicus and MEDLINE.
2009 Medicina receives its first impact factor (0.506).
2012 From this year onward, all articles in Medicina are published in English only.
2013 Dr. Edgaras Stankevičius becomes Editor-in-Chief.
2014 Elsevier becomes the publisher of Medicina. The journal begins to be published bimonthly.
2018 Publication of Medicina is transferred to MDPI. The impact factor increases to 1.429, and the journal ranks 83/154 (Q3) in the category “Medicine, General & Internal”. The journal shifts from a bimonthly publication schedule to 12 issues per year. In June, Medicina launches its first Special Issue.
2019 The impact factor increases to 1.467. The journal ranks 84/160 (Q3) in the category “Medicine, General & Internal”. Medicina publishes 792 papers in 2019, representing an increase of 607.1% compared with 2018.
2020 Medicina established the following Sections: Translational Medicine; Sports Medicine; Oncology; Immunology; Cardiology; Neurology; etc. The journal announced the first edition of the Best Paper Award. Medicina published its 1000th paper.

Medicina's impact factor increases to 2.43, and the journal now ranks 80/169 (Q2) in the category “Medicine, General & Internal”.

Medicina publishes its 2000th paper.


1920–1922 Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Juozas Žemgulys
1922–1944 Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Jonas Staugaitis
1990–2001 Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Zigmantas Satkevičius
2001–2013 Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Habil. Dr. Vilius Grabauskas
2013–present Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Edgaras Stankevicius
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