Sections - Nutrients

Micronutrients and Human Health 585 Articles

Prof. Dr. Federica I. Wolf  
Current Special Issues (22)

Phytochemicals and Human Health 564 Articles

Dr. Maria Dolores del Castillo  
Current Special Issues (28)

Prebiotics and Probiotics 278 Articles

Prof. Dr. Stefano Guandalini  

Nutritional Epidemiology 809 Articles

Prof. Dr. Luis A. Moreno  
Current Special Issues (29)

Nutrition and Public Health 1489 Articles

Prof. Dr. Valerie B. Duffy  
Current Special Issues (86)

Nutrition Methodology & Assessment 216 Articles

Prof. Dr. Gunter G.C. Kuhnle  
Current Special Issues (7)

Nutritional Immunology 224 Articles

Dr. Francisco J. Pérez-Cano  
Current Special Issues (15)

Sports Nutrition 410 Articles

Prof. Dr. David C. Nieman  
Current Special Issues (33)

Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics 192 Articles

Prof. Dr. M. Luisa Bonet  
Current Special Issues (15)

Nutrition and Metabolism 837 Articles

Prof. Dr. Gloria Lena Vega  
Current Special Issues (63)

Clinical Nutrition 806 Articles

Prof. Dr. Ina Bergheim  
Current Special Issues (61)

Nutritional Policies and Education for Health Promotion 162 Articles

Prof. Dr. Antonis Zampelas  

Nutrition in Women 72 Articles

Dr. Leanne M. Redman  

Pediatric Nutrition 45 Articles

Prof. Dr. Yvan Vandenplas  
Current Special Issues (9)

Lipids 148 Articles

Prof. Dr. Manohar Garg  
Current Special Issues (7)

Carbohydrates 45 Articles

Prof. Dr. Kimber L. Stanhope  

Protein 32 Articles

Prof. Dr. Philip J. Atherton  
Current Special Issues (2)

Nutrition and Obesity 8 Articles

Prof. Dr. Hermann Toplak  
Current Special Issues (4)

Nutrition and Diabetes 3 Articles


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