Phytochemicals and Human Health

A section of Nutrients (ISSN 2072-6643).

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The Section "Phytochemicals and Human Health" aims to publish high-quality scientific contributions providing novel insights into the impact of dietary intake of plant ingredients, also called phytochemicals, on the physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing of humans. We will consider for publication in vitro and animal studies that have relevance to human health. Clinical trial focus on the role of phytochemicals on key physiological functions and the pathogenesis of human diseases will be especially welcome. We request the submission of articles providing novel data on the digestibility, bioaccessibility, metabolism, absorption, bioactivity, effect on microbiota, mechanism of action, phytochemomics, food matrix effect, and safety of phytochemicals. We encourage the scientific community to make significant and innovative contributions to enhance our knowledge of the biological and pharmaceutical effects of phytochemicals.


phytochemicals; health promotion; wellbeing; digestibility; bioaccessibility; metabolism; absorption; mechanism of action; physiological functions; phytochemomics and toxicity

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