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While some skepticism has recently been expressed by parts of the scientific community on the value of prebiotics, and especially probiotics, in human medicine, there is no denying that the field remains very dynamic and promising.

This Section of Nutrients aims to provide up-to-date, fair, and balanced reports free of commercial bias and containing the newest rigorous information most relevant to healthcare providers, from practicing clinicians to dietitians and nurses, so they can be presented with a fair and rigorously evidence-based answer to some of the most common questions currently open for the potential use of prebiotics and probiotics.

The field is now also quickly expanding to a new area, post-biotics. This Section will solicit contributions in this intriguing new field as well, both from a basic science point of view and from the many potential areas of clinical use.

Finally, the current pandemic of COVID-19 represents another exciting frontier for the potential beneficial role that pre- pro- and post-biotics may have, and data are now emerging here too. The challenge of SARS-CoV-2 can, and should, be faced with many weapons, and probiotics are entering the battlefield.

We are thus inviting all potential authors—from basic science, as well as translational and clinical investigators and recognized authorities in this area—to populate this Section by providing their data as well as rigorous analyses and syntheses of the currently available evidence to create a state-of-the-art array of reliable and valuable information.


  • Prebiotic, probiotics, and postbiotics: what they are, how they work
  • The development of intestinal microbiota in humans
  • Field of applications of prebiotics
  • Field of applications of probiotics: the gut and much more:
    • COVID-19 and probiotics
    • In newborns and infants
    • In children
    • In adults
  • Potential use of postbiotics
  • Current controversies

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