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Dietary protein is fundamental to health. This Section invites authors to submit original research and review articles describing the impact and mechanisms underlying the relationship between dietary protein (and their constituents, e.g., peptides and amino acids) and metabolism/physiology. We are interested in articles describing these relationships in humans and in animal models, in health, across the life course or during pathological processes, wherein the dietary constituents of protein impact physiological functioning. Studies performed using appropriate “in vitro” approaches are also welcome.

Subject Areas

Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  • Protein intake/requirements;
  • Protein digestion;
  • Protein turnover and metabolism;
  • Physiological/metabolic roles of amino acids;
  • Protein and skeletal muscle;
  • Protein and health across the life course;
  • Protein and exercise/activity;
  • Protein and ageing;
  • Protein and co-morbidities/disease;
  • Protein and cell signaling;
  • Impacts of alternative protein sources;
  • Sustainable protein sources;
  • Bioactive properties of protein and constituents.

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