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This section covers the wide range of substances extracted from natural sources such as terrestrial plants and marine organisms as well as their synthetic analogs. Chemical molecules isolated from natural sources are clearly inside the scope of Pharmaceuticals. In studies of complex mixtures of natural products, the characterization of chemicals using analytical methodologies, such as HPLC, MS, LC–MS, HPLC–MS, and NMR, should be included. In addition, only identification, chemistry, and analytical studies are not enough, in vitro or in vivo experiments are needed. It's expected that the cellular and molecular mechanisms of the natural compound or characterized extract to be analyzed in the paper. Download Section Flyer


  • Structural modification of bioactive natural products
  • Structure–activity relationship studies
  • Quality control of herbal medicines with advanced techniques
  • Biological and pharmacological activities of natural products
  • Toxicology of natural products
  • Studies with “omics” in combination with pharmacological verification
  • Biosynthesis and biocatalysis of natural products
  • Formulation and delivery systems of natural products

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