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House Boat Tourism in Vibrio Infested Vembanad Lake
We recently reported the distribution of V. cholerae in Vembanad lake along the southwest coast of India, where cholera is endemic. Fluctuations in essential climate variables are found to influence the association of Vibrio cholerae with their environmental reservoirs, which in turn influence the suitability of natural water resources for human consumption. According to our study, bacterial pollution is rampant in the lake with the ubiquitous presence of Escherichia coli and other disease-causing pathogens from ill-equipped sewage treatment systems of the city or houseboat tourism. A large number of houseboats, beyond the carrying capacity of the lake, are operated in the southern part of the lake. The image taken from the Vembanad lake shows the heavy traffic of houseboats in the lake. The invasive aquatic weed, another menace in the lake and a preferred colonisation site for disease-causing vectors can also be seen in the photograph.
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