Special Issue "Archaeology from Space"

A special issue of Remote Sensing (ISSN 2072-4292).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: closed (31 May 2021).

Special Issue Editors

Dr. Masini Nicola
Guest Editor
CNR-IBAM (National Research Council - Institute for Archaeological and Architectural Heritage), C.da S. Loya, 85050 Tito Scalo (PZ), Italy
Interests: Remote Sensing Cultural Heritage Ancient History Excavation Spatial Analysis Culture Satellite Image Analysis Pattern Recognition Environment Mapping

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

Space data have emerged in the past few years as powerful tools in archaeology, serving numerous applications ranging from archaeological discovery and documentation to the monitoring and preservation of cultural heritage. In particular, space technologies offer several advantages in the field of preventive archaeology, mainly because they provide non-invasive tools capable of significantly reducing time and costs of study and research. Satellite big data are both resources and tools which pose big challenges to be faced and offer big opportunities, thus:

  1. opening new research frontiers, from artificial intelligence to crowd sourcing,
  2. enabling innovative applications with an unprecedented value for cultural heritage (from ground motion and monument monitoring to looting surveillance), landscape archaeology and geoarchaeology (including the identification and study of ancient mines and quarries),
  3. improving their effectiveness for operational use (space and ground data integration and fusion).

This Special Issue invites research and review articles related to current and novel practices of satellite remote sensing for archaeological investigations, analyses, and monitoring methods.

The Special Issue aims to cover existing research and future trends of remote sensing, covering the full spectrum of space techniques for archaeological heritage. Therefore, research related to the following (but not exhaustive list of) topics is encouraged:

  • Satellite VHR active and passive data;
  • Sentinel and Copernicus data;
  • Hyperspectral satellite data for palaeolandscape investigations and the identification of ancient mines;
  • SAR and optical data fusion;
  • Space based underwater prospection;
  • Satellite based estimation of impact of climate changes on cultural heritage sites;
  • Monuments and sites, environmental monitoring and risk assessment;
  • Object recognition, pattern analysis and image processing;
  •  Web mapping services and crowdsourcing for archaeological prospection;
  • Fusion and integration of multiscale heterogeneous remote sensing data.

Dr. Masini Nicola
Dr. Rosa Lasaponara
Guest Editors


  • Archaeology
  • Palaeo-environment
  • Ancient monuments
  • Archaeolandscapes
  • Satellite remote sensing
  • Data integration
  • Space big data

Published Papers

There is no accepted submissions to this special issue at this moment.
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