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18–22 October 2021, Chandigarh, India
F-EIR Conference – Environment Concerns and its Remediation

The Federation of Environmental Issues and its Remediation is a non-profit association that is located in Chandigarh, India. The F-EIR’s mission is to develop the study concerning to environment at an international level. The study includes scientific and practical matters capable of advancing the technical, economic, aesthetic, and environmental performance. According to F-EIR’s policy, the conference is open for candidates interested in subjects related to the environment. With the theme of “Environment Concerns and its Remediation”, the F-EIR’s Conference 2021 will be held in Chandigarh, India from October 18–22, 2021. The topic of the conference will cover all the issues related to the environment and measures that can be taken to protect the environment.

The main objective of this event is to provide a platform for various researchers around the globe working on the burning issues of the environment. It provides a single roof not only to experimentalists but also to the theorist as well as to the researcher from a management background for the betterment of the environmental issues.

For the main topics of the F-EIR Conference 2021, please click here.

Organizers: The Federation of Environmental Issues and its Remediation (F-EIR).

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