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17–19 September 2021, Delphi, Greece
The 2nd International Conference on Global Issues of Environment & Culture

To promote mutual interest in cultural and environmental issues on a global scale, the University of the Aegean, Greece and Henan University, China as part of an MOU agreement since 2017 and 2019, are announcing the SECOND jointly organized conference on Global issues of Environment & Culture.

The Sino-Hellenic International Conference (SHIC) is a series of international conferences hosted in Kaifeng and Rhodes alternatively. On 30th June 2019, the 1st Conference was held in Kaifeng, Henan University, to inaugurate the newly established Research Centre for Hellenic Civilization.

The 1st Sino-Hellenic International Conference in Kaifeng was organized by the Collaborative Innovation Center on Yellow River Civilization & Key Research Institute of Yellow River Civilization  and Sustainable Development (Prof. Miao Changhong), and the University of the Aegean (Prof. Ioannis Liritzis).

The 2nd SHIC on Environment & Culture will take place on 17-19 September 2021, at the European Cultural Center of Delphi.

The 2nd International  Conference is one of the activities of the Project “Sino-Hellenic Academic Project” of the Research Center of Hellenic Civilization (Henan Univ, Kaifeng), the Research Center of Yellow River Civilization in Greece, and the Collaborative Innovation Center on Yellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development. Research teams from HENAN, AEGEAN Universities, and Other Scholars & Partner Institutions work together to complete this Project. It will be beneficial for both countries, Greece and China, and will create a cradle of global activities in research, education, and cooperation with academics over all the World on Environment & Cultures interaction in the past. Moreover, the Conference’s aims implement of targets and tasks focus on an international cooperation of Sino Hellenic Academic Project (SHAP) with public and private sectors of Greece, Europe, USA etc.

Last but not least, the Conference is taking place during 2021 – the Year of Culture and Tourism between Greece and China. A Memorandum of Cooperation for the Organization of the Year of Culture and Tourism in 2021 was signed by between the two countries and sustainability through cultural heritage will be one of the major sectors of the Memorandum which is also one of the Conference’s major goals.

The 2nd Sino-Hellenic International Conference welcomes contribution on any topics related to the environment and cultures globally. The scientific program will consist of themes regarding trade networks across Eurasia, comparative research, including periods from prehistory to the 15th century AD, Archaeology & Archaeometry, Cultural Geography & Geosciences, New technologies & Sustainability, Society & Environment, Environmental Archaeology and more.

The Conference is officially endorsed by European Academy of Science and Arts, the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, many Greek and foreign Universities, Hellenic Pharmaceutical Association and other organizations.

We are looking forward to your active participation


Prof. Ioannis Lirintzis 
University of the Aegean 

Prof. Miao Changhong
Henan University

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