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1 November 2021, Valencia, Spain
International Conference on Sustainable Construction and Demolition

The Universitat Politècnica de València invites you to participate in the first edition of the Conference on Sustainable Construction and Demolition (SCD).

The SCD International Conference aims to bring together international institutions, researchers, professionals and students to exchange knowledge and experiences. They will be related to sustainability in the construction industry during all the life-cycle process:  from the design project to the demolition, reuse and recycling waste, in the global environment and circular economy context.

This international challenge is a key point to promote the ecological use of materials, the rational use of energy with renewable systems and energy-efficient buildings, the dismantling and recycling processes and the management of waste generated in all these activities.

The Conference will be held in Valencia (Spain) in November 2021 in a blended format. All the lectures and presentations will be online on a digital presentation. The official languages of the Conference are English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Sustainability has been crossing boundaries in all areas of human activities and development. Without losing sight of the three basic pillars (environment, economy and social equity), we have divided this first Conference in three large blocks focused in Construction activity.

The conference is divided into three main categories to discuss in the most complete way possible the concepts of sustainable construction and demolition:

1.- Sustainability and construction: project, maintenance and retrofitting. The aim of this topic is sustainability applied to the different areas of construction: urban planning, architecture, civil engineering, building on site, etc.  This issue is opened to all different stages, from programming, design development, construction documents and administration. Special attention to the maintenance and conservation of infrastructures, building retrofitting and heritage preservation.

  • Sustainable built environment challenges
  • New design trends and sustainable strategies in urban development
  • Sustainable maintenance and durability in infrastructures
  • BIM and digital design applied to improve sustainability
  • Permaculture principles applied in landscaping and architecture
  • Traditional building techniques, culture and society development
  • Integrate sustainability principles into construction learning and training
  • Suitable reuse and preservation in cultural Heritage
  • Sustainable construction management, green construction practice and best practices
  • Sustainability in health and safety programs

2.- Technology, energy and environment: regulations, certification and healthy buildings. This issue is focused in different technologies applied to assessment and evaluation of sustainable construction and energy-efficient buildings, facilities and installations, etc. The topic also considers environmental friendly materials, operational maintenance using advanced green technologies. 

  • Energy performance in building codes, regulations and specifications
  • The nZEB construction and retrofit challenge
  • Renewable sources and energies, their implementation in construction activities
  • Sustainability rating systems: comparison and case studies
  • Energy-efficient estimating software tools: simulation, optimisation and control
  • Green building management, operations and maintenance
  • New techniques on NDT applied to building energy evaluation
  • Thermal and acoustic performance and innovations
  • HVAC facilities, indoor-outdoor comfort and health conditions
  • BIM-GIS modelling for energy-efficient buildings in a sustainable urban development

3.- Circular economy and life-cycle analysis: planning, dismantling, demolition, reuse and recycling. In this area we will carry on main aspects on Circular Economy applied to infrastructures, buildings and their facilities. The LCA from the early beginning of the pre-design and material choose options to the final recovery and reuse of them.

  • Sustainable smart construction and cities
  • Life-cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Low carbon building materials and technologies
  • Management of construction and demolition waste: case studies
  • Circular economy model in C&D waste management
  • Lean management in a BIM-GIS system
  • New life and reuse of building elements and materials
  • Management of construction and demolition waste: case studies
  • Sustainable construction as a competitive advantage in building industry
  • Society involvement: public-private roles and partnership in building improvement

The Conference Organising Committee will implement all the measures for health and safety prevention according to the Covid-19 situation on the Conference dates.

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