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Developing a Preliminary Causal Loop Diagram for Understanding the Wicked Complexity of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Visual Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Chaos, Fractals, Self-Similarity and the Limits of Prediction
Leveraging Digital Twin Technology in Model-Based Systems Engineering
A Method for Simplification of Complex Group Causal Loop Diagrams Based on Endogenisation, Encapsulation and Order-Oriented Reduction
Complexity Theory: An Overview with Potential Applications for the Social Sciences
Application of System Dynamics to Evaluate the Social and Economic Benefits of Infrastructure Projects
Challenges and Success Factors of ERP Systems in Australian SMEs
The Re-Conceptualization of the Port Supply Chain as a Smart Port Service System: The Case of the Port of Salerno
Economic Analysis of Model-Based Systems Engineering
The Techno-Politics of Data and Smart Devolution in City-Regions: Comparing Glasgow, Bristol, Barcelona, and Bilbao
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