Affiliated Societies

European Cool Roofs Council (ECRC)

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The European Cool Roofs Council was founded in 2011 to develop scientific knowledge and research in relation to “cool roof” technology and to promote the use of cool roof products and materials in Europe, including developing a product rating programme for such products and materials.

The European Cool Roofs Council (ECRC) is a non-profit European association whose initiatives are driven and paid for by its members. It is a voluntary organization that brings value by promoting the benefits of cool roofing products to regulators, policy makers, consumers and other stakeholders.

The ECRC also intends to enable cool roof products to be identified through the creation of an accreditation scheme.

The (ECRC) advocates that Cool Roof products can make an important contribution to mitigate climate change, reduce the urban heat island effect and increase the sustainability of buildings.

For this reason, the ECRC promotes the certification of Cool Roof products and their use across Europe.

Urban Land Institute (ULI)

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The Urban Land Institute is a non-profit education and research institute supported by its members. Its mission is to shape the future of the built environment to exert a transformative impact on communities worldwide. Established in 1936, the institute has over 45,000 members worldwide, representing all aspects of land use and development disciplines.

ULI has over 4,200 members in Europe across 15 National Council country networks. For more information, please visit, follow us on Twitter or follow our LinkedIn page.

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