MDPI runs Topics, which are collections of papers that concentrate on specific interdisciplinary topics in one or more related MDPI journals. Topics allow authors from different research areas to unite around one theme, describe multi-disciplinary applications and develop new ideas. Topics are managed, curated and led by a Topic Editorial Team, supported by MDPI's simple and efficient service. Authors can submit manuscripts to any MDPI journal participating in the Topic. Published papers will be collected together on the Topic website. For any inquiries related to a Topic, please contact the Editorial Office.

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Scientific Advances in STEM: From Professor to Students submission deadline 31 Mar 2021 | 7 articles
(Participating journals: Metals, Polymers, Foods, Sustainability, Sensors)
Frontiers in Electroanalytical Chemistry in China and Selected Papers from 14thNEAC
edited by Ying Wang, Yuanjian Zhang, and
submission deadline 1 May 2021
(Participating journals: Biosensors, Chemosensors, Sensors)
Fruit and Vegetable Juice Processing and Nutrition
edited by Yang Shan and
submission deadline 31 May 2021
(Participating journals: Nutrients, Foods)
The Future of Wildfires: Latest Geo-Technologies Applied to Fires and a New Perspective of Forest Resilience
edited by and Carmen Quintano
submission deadline 31 Mar 2022
(Participating journals: Forests, Geomatics, Remote Sensing, Fire)
Estimating Carbon Stocks in Forest Ecosystems: From Allometric Equations to Remote Sensing-Based Methods
edited by , , H. Jaime Hernández Palma, Gaia Vaglio Laurin and Erico Kutchartt
submission deadline 31 May 2022
(Participating journals: Remote Sensing, Forests, Sensors, Geomatics)
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