Topical Advisory Panel

Topical Advisory Panel Members (5)

Dr. Elton J. R. Vasconcelos
Leeds Omics, University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom
Interests: control of gene expression; noncoding RNAs; pathogens; molecular microbiology; molecular parasitology; genomics; transcriptomics; translatomics; proteomics; bioinformatics
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Dr. Lakshmi Prabhu
Regenerative Medicine, Research Beyond Borders, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc., Ridgefield, CT, USA
Interests: high-throughput screening; small-molecule compound screening; preclinical drug development; CRISPR; pancreas; cancer; diabetes
Dr. Priyanka Mittapelly
USDA-APHIS/University of Richmond, VA 48178, USA
Interests: molecular biology; RNA interference; plant-insect/ insect-microbe interactions; insect physiology; insect-vector biology; metatranscriptome; microbiome studies; insect rearing and artificial diets
Dr. Martin Sztacho
Department of Biology of the Cell Nucleus, Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Vídeňská 1083, 142 20 Prague, Czech Republic
Interests: proteomics; cell nucleus; nuclear architecture; nuclear lipids; phosphoinositides; phase separation; transcription
Dr. Amit Kumar Saha
School of Medicine, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA
Interests: bioengineering; microfluidics; chronic fatigue syndrome; ME/CFS; cellular biomechanics; biomarkers; diagnostics; image analysis
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