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Sections - Int. J. Mol. Sci.

Molecular Toxicology 1397 Articles

Prof. Dr. Guido R.M.M. Haenen  

Bioactives and Nutraceuticals 2669 Articles

Prof. Dr. Charles Brennan  
Prof. Dr. Maurizio Battino  

Biochemistry 10639 Articles

Prof. Dr. Claudiu T. Supuran  

Materials Science 2673 Articles

Prof. Dr. Andreas Taubert  
Prof. Dr. Marco d'Ischia  

Molecular Plant Sciences 3894 Articles

Prof. Dr. Setsuko Komatsu  

Molecular Biology 3818 Articles

Prof. Dr. Irmgard Tegeder  

Molecular Pathology, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics 11495 Articles

Prof. Dr. Kurt A. Jellinger  
Prof. Dr. Stephen Bustin  
Prof. Dr. Xiaofeng Jia  

Molecular Biophysics 1361 Articles

Prof. Dr. Ian A. Nicholls  
Prof. Dr. Vladimir N. Uversky  

Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics 516 Articles

Prof. Dr. Dongho Kim  
Prof. Dr. Paschalis Alexandridis  

Molecular Microbiology 1152 Articles

Prof. Dr. Andreas Burkovski  

Molecular Oncology 1763 Articles

Dr. Peter J.K. Kuppen  

Molecular Genetics and Genomics 1373 Articles

Dr. Eric J. Vallender  
Prof. Dr. Maurizio Margaglione  

Molecular Neurobiology 1814 Articles

Dr. Antonio Pisani  

Macromolecules 506 Articles

Prof. Dr. Salah-Eddine Stiriba  

Molecular Immunology 1370 Articles

Prof. Dr. Jeffrey L. Platt  

Molecular Pharmacology 1235 Articles

Molecular Informatics 578 Articles

Prof. Dr. Antonio Rescifina  

Molecular Endocrinology and Metabolism 1416 Articles

Dr. José L. Quiles  
Prof. Dr. Manfredi Rizzo  

Molecular Nanoscience 6 Articles

Prof. Dr. Yuri Lyubchenko  

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