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Upcoming MDPI Conferences (2)

27 October 2021 Sustainable Chemistry Webinar | Advances in Biobased Polymeric Materials in Building and Construction


This webinar “Advances in Biobased Polymeric Materials in Building and Construction “ is to present the main types of polymers used in building and construction, to highlight the properties which make it an appropriate choice of material and to list examples of their applications.

The following experts will be present and talk:

  • Prof. Dr. Patrick Martin, Unit of Transformations & Agroressources, Artois University, Bethune, France
  • Dr. Vincent Dubois, The Civil Engineering and Geo-Environment Laboratory (LGCgE), Artois University, Béthune, France
  • Dr. Ubirajara P. Rodrigues-Filho, Institute of Chemistry of São Carlos, University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Dr. Anh Dung Tran Le, Laboratory of Innovative Technologies (LTI), University of Picardie Jules Verne, France
  • Dr. Marco Caniato, Faculty of Science and Technology, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

When? 27 October 2021 at 2:00pm CEST | 8:00am EDT | 8:00pm CST Asia

Click here to register now!

Interested in contributing to the topic? You can find the Special Issues linked to this topic and open for submission by clicking here.

14–17 November 2021 12th International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics (CICC-12)

Suzhou, China

The “12th International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics (CICC-12)” which will be held in Suzhou, China from 14-17 November 2021. The CICC series is sponsored by the Chinese Ceramic Society and aims to provide a biannually international forum for scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs working on high-performance ceramics to disseminate and discuss their recent research and development outcomes. Since 1998, the CICC series have evolved into a flagship scholarly conference on ceramics held in China and gained considerable international impact, with the last conference seeing more than 1000 attendants worldwide.

The technical program of CICC-12 will consist of some 20 symposiums with topics covering, for example, advanced sintering techniques, ferro/piezo-electric ceramics, thermoelectric materials, and nanoscale characterization methods. Each symposium will include keynote/invited/regular oral presentations and poster presentations, in addition to ad hoc events. The conference not only welcomes renowned scholars, but will also promote the participation of young researchers and graduate students.

The year of 2020 was particularly difficult for academia due to the COVID-19 epidemic. With major international conferences moved online, in-person discussion becomes a sought-after in scientific communication. We are thus endeavoring to construct an invigorating atmosphere at CICC-12 under which latest perspectives will be exchanged and new ideas be stimulated. We are optimistic at this stage that the epidemic will come to an end by the time when barriers for international travels will be substantially eased. However, in the case of an unimproved situation, we do have contingency plans, including combined online/offline forms, to ensure an uncompromised efficacy.

The CICC-12‘s venue will be at Kempinski Hotel Suzhou, a well-appointed hotel located on beautiful Jinji Lake and conveniently reached from nearby international airports (Shanghai Pudong/Hongqiao and Wuxi Shuofang) and railway stations. More information regarding conference organization, abstract submission, registration, and accommodation, etc. can be found at the CICC-12 website:

If you know of others who would be interested in participating, please kindly forward this announcement to them. We look forward to seeing you this fall in Suzhou China.

Sponsoring Journals:

  • Ceramics
  • Coatings
  • Electrochem
  • JFB
  • Materials               
  • Metals
  • Nanomaterials
  • Sustainability

Sustainability announces selected third-party conferences. In case you would like to announce your own event on the Sustainability website, please fill out the following form to apply for the announcement of a conference or other academic event (seminar, workshop).

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Upcoming Partner Conferences (10)

18–22 October 2021 F-EIR Conference – Environment Concerns and its Remediation

Chandigarh, India

The Federation of Environmental Issues and its Remediation is a non-profit association that is located in Chandigarh, India. The F-EIR’s mission is to develop the study concerning to environment at an international level. The study includes scientific and practical matters capable of advancing the technical, economic, aesthetic, and environmental performance. According to F-EIR’s policy, the conference is open for candidates interested in subjects related to the environment. With the theme of “Environment Concerns and its Remediation”, the F-EIR’s Conference 2021 will be held in Chandigarh, India from October 18–22, 2021. The topic of the conference will cover all the issues related to the environment and measures that can be taken to protect the environment.

The main objective of this event is to provide a platform for various researchers around the globe working on the burning issues of the environment. It provides a single roof not only to experimentalists but also to the theorist as well as to the researcher from a management background for the betterment of the environmental issues.

For the main topics of the F-EIR Conference 2021, please click here.

Organizers: The Federation of Environmental Issues and its Remediation (F-EIR).

1 November 2021 International Conference on Sustainable Construction and Demolition

Valencia, Spain

The Universitat Politècnica de València invites you to participate in the first edition of the Conference on Sustainable Construction and Demolition (SCD).

The SCD International Conference aims to bring together international institutions, researchers, professionals and students to exchange knowledge and experiences. They will be related to sustainability in the construction industry during all the life-cycle process:  from the design project to the demolition, reuse and recycling waste, in the global environment and circular economy context.

This international challenge is a key point to promote the ecological use of materials, the rational use of energy with renewable systems and energy-efficient buildings, the dismantling and recycling processes and the management of waste generated in all these activities.

The Conference will be held in Valencia (Spain) in November 2021 in a blended format. All the lectures and presentations will be online on a digital presentation. The official languages of the Conference are English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Sustainability has been crossing boundaries in all areas of human activities and development. Without losing sight of the three basic pillars (environment, economy and social equity), we have divided this first Conference in three large blocks focused in Construction activity.

The conference is divided into three main categories to discuss in the most complete way possible the concepts of sustainable construction and demolition:

1.- Sustainability and construction: project, maintenance and retrofitting. The aim of this topic is sustainability applied to the different areas of construction: urban planning, architecture, civil engineering, building on site, etc.  This issue is opened to all different stages, from programming, design development, construction documents and administration. Special attention to the maintenance and conservation of infrastructures, building retrofitting and heritage preservation.

  • Sustainable built environment challenges
  • New design trends and sustainable strategies in urban development
  • Sustainable maintenance and durability in infrastructures
  • BIM and digital design applied to improve sustainability
  • Permaculture principles applied in landscaping and architecture
  • Traditional building techniques, culture and society development
  • Integrate sustainability principles into construction learning and training
  • Suitable reuse and preservation in cultural Heritage
  • Sustainable construction management, green construction practice and best practices
  • Sustainability in health and safety programs

2.- Technology, energy and environment: regulations, certification and healthy buildings. This issue is focused in different technologies applied to assessment and evaluation of sustainable construction and energy-efficient buildings, facilities and installations, etc. The topic also considers environmental friendly materials, operational maintenance using advanced green technologies. 

  • Energy performance in building codes, regulations and specifications
  • The nZEB construction and retrofit challenge
  • Renewable sources and energies, their implementation in construction activities
  • Sustainability rating systems: comparison and case studies
  • Energy-efficient estimating software tools: simulation, optimisation and control
  • Green building management, operations and maintenance
  • New techniques on NDT applied to building energy evaluation
  • Thermal and acoustic performance and innovations
  • HVAC facilities, indoor-outdoor comfort and health conditions
  • BIM-GIS modelling for energy-efficient buildings in a sustainable urban development

3.- Circular economy and life-cycle analysis: planning, dismantling, demolition, reuse and recycling. In this area we will carry on main aspects on Circular Economy applied to infrastructures, buildings and their facilities. The LCA from the early beginning of the pre-design and material choose options to the final recovery and reuse of them.

  • Sustainable smart construction and cities
  • Life-cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Low carbon building materials and technologies
  • Management of construction and demolition waste: case studies
  • Circular economy model in C&D waste management
  • Lean management in a BIM-GIS system
  • New life and reuse of building elements and materials
  • Management of construction and demolition waste: case studies
  • Sustainable construction as a competitive advantage in building industry
  • Society involvement: public-private roles and partnership in building improvement

The Conference Organising Committee will implement all the measures for health and safety prevention according to the Covid-19 situation on the Conference dates.

Conference website:

4–5 November 2021 V International Symposium “Current Challenges in Sustainability”

Stuttgart, Germany

The Fifth International M.Sc. WASTE Symposium on Current Challenges in Sustainability will discuss the emerging and ongoing technologies, environmental impacts of Covid -19 pandemic and different countries perspectives. It is intended to provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary professionals to exchange their academic and technical knowledge in environmental topics.

Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (United Nations). The industrial and economic development have always been a concern, but currently the discussion on how to achieve these goals while protecting the environment became a relevant trending topic that must be discussed and considered worldwide.

What are the positive and negative impacts of Covid-19 pandemic on the environment?
How can we build a more sustainable global economy?​
What have we learned so far as a society from the pandemic?
How are developed and developing countries achieving sustainability?
What are the current challenges to achieve United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals?

The first step to address such questions is offering the chance to hold discussions about environmental technologies. The Symposium is aimed to find a coalition point for international speakers to share their experiences working and researching on environmental technologies in the fields of Solid Waste, Waste Water Process Engineering along with Air Quality Control.

Students are also welcome to contribute and foster the Symposium through the Call for research posters and projects, where they are invited to present their work in the frame of the event. Further details of the event registration and deadlines will be published soon. Due to Covid-19, this year the V International WASTE Symposium will be held online (Depending on the Corona regulations).

The Symposium is organized by the students of the International Master of Science: Air Quality Control, Solid Waste, and Waste Water Process Engineering (WASTE) at the University of Stuttgart. All attendants will receive a certificate according to their participation mode.

We are looking forward to your participation in our Symposium!


Virtual Conference

8th Sustainable Development Conference [SDC2021] is one of a kind platform for global stakeholders from academic, professional and governmental realms to gather, network and discuss sustainable development, green technologies, climate change, renewable energy, public policies and more.  SDC2021 offers a unique, culturally and professionally diverse environment, carefully designed to foster personal and professional growth.

Whether you are looking for a place to:

  • SHARE: Present your research, share your experience or raise awareness of your work and get valuable feedback from the international community of scholars, professionals and policy makers,
  • LEARN: From leading experts in the fields of sustainable development, renewable energy, public policies or,
  • CONNECT: Network with global stakeholders, make new friends and find collaborators for your projects,

8th Sustainable Development Conference [SDC2021] is the right place for you!

Call for papers:

Submissions for the SDC2021 are being accepted and reviewed on a rolling admission basis as long as space is available or by October 1st 2021 at the latest.

Proposals are accepted online, through application form available on the conference website at:

10 selected papers will be given an opportunity to be included in a joint special issue with MDPI’s Sustainability journal and Conservation journal.

15–17 November 2021 The 6th Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLii) Annual Conference


The 6th Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLii) Annual Conference will take place online during 15–17 November 2021, hosted by Tampere university, Finland. The theme of the conference is Education and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There will be keynote speeches, panel discussions and paper presentation sessions in the conference. The participation in the conference is free for both the speakers and attendees.

Important dates and deadlines:

  • Registration opens on 15 June
  • Deadline for proposals/abstracts is on 31 July
  • Notification of accepted proposals sent to corresponding authors by 30 August
  • Full paper submissions for best paper award consideration (optional) before 30 October

The “Sino-Finnish Learning Innovation Joint Institute” (JoLii) is a key component and operational body of the “Sino-Finnish Learning Garden”, a framework for education exchange and cooperation between China and Finland initiated by both governments. JoLii was established in 2015, consisting of around 20 Chinese and Finnish universities with advantages in educational research, coordinated by Beijing Normal University and University of Helsinki. JoLii is aimed to enhance the Sino-Finnish education cooperation and exchange with higher quality through joint research, collaborative programs and experience sharing. Particularly it is committed to develop innovative solutions for education/learning and policy development in both countries and to address global challenges as well.

This conference invites education researchers and practitioners to share their insights and research findings related to education and sustainability development goals (SDGs).  Selected papers presented in the conference will be published in a special issue of the journal: Sustainability.  The Journal will grant 50% discount of APC to selected best conference papers.

In 2015, the United Nations (UN) adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, providing a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future. The implementation of the blueprint is equivalent to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN’s 2030 Agenda. This  blueprint has significant implications for education. Besides SDG 4: Quality Education, education is also recognised as the key to success of the remaining SDGs (UNESCO, 2017). While the important relations between education and the SDGs are widely acknowledged, there remains ambiguity on how education can effectively contribute to the SDGs (Kioupi & Voulvoulis, 2019) as well as how education and educational institutions can transform to better adapt to the SDGs (Filho et al., 2019).

The 6th JoLii conference invites education researchers from two countries, both with unique education systems. One country is China with the largest education system in the world, and the other Finland, with one of the internationally best-performing education systems. We encourage researchers from (with an interest in) these countries to share their insights and research findings related to education and sustainability. Expectantly, the scholarly discussions at the conference will not only offer research-based knowledge to support education and the implementation of the SDGs in these countries, but also help to address broader global challenges on the topic.

We welcome papers that contribute to the discussion from theoretical, methodological, or empirical perspectives. The papers may be relevant to educational researchers, policymakers, administrators as well as professionals. Specifically, we invite research contributions to the following tracks:

  1. the relations between education and sustainable development
  2. the roles of education and educational institutions (including schools and universities) in the implementation of the SDGs.
  3. transformative approaches to learning, education and institutional performance in accordance with the SDGs
  4. global and comparative perspectives on education and the SDGs
  5. digital learning and teaching approaches related to the SDGs
  6. other SDG and education-related issues.
Conference website:

19–21 November 2021 International Conference on Clean Water, Air & Soil (CleanWAS)


As we embark into the 21st century, we have to address new challenges ranging from population growth, climate change, and depletion of natural resources to providing better health care, food security and peace to humankind, while at the same time protecting natural ecosystems that provide the services which allow life to flourish on Earth. To meet those challenges, profound changes are required in the way that societies conduct their everyday affairs, ways that will lead to the better preservation, protection and the sustainable management of natural resources with lasting impacts.

International Conference on Clean Water, Air & Soil (CleanWAS) – VIRTUAL will be held between 19-21 November 2021. The former conference of CleanWAS, attracted about 100 attendees from all of the world. CleasnWAS is the conference organized every year since 2012 under The International Water, Air and Soil Conservation society (INWASCON) with joint supports from International Islamic University Malaysia, Nankai University, Mahidol University, China University of Geosciences, Chulalongkorn University, Universiti kebangsaan Malaysia and Chiang Mai University. The aim of CleanWAS 2021 is to provide productive opportunities for academics and practitioners from interdisciplinary fields of Environmental Sciences to meet, share and take away expertise and ideas in related disciplines. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and academician in the domain of interest from around the globe. CleanWAS 2021 offers interdisciplinary themes of quality R&D topical developments from potential contributors and experts and provides an opportunity in bring in the new techniques and horizons that will contribute to clean environment.

For more information, please visit the conference web site:

26–28 November 2021 2021 6th International Conference on Renewable Energy and Conservation

Shenzhen, China

Past ICREC 2017, ICREC 2018 and 2019 conferences were held in Perth, Sydney and Hiroshima respectively. Due to COVID-19, ICREC 2020 was converted into fully virtual conference. The ICREC conference aims at providing an opportunity to discuss various engineering challenges of renewable energy grid design and operation by focusing on advanced methods and practices for designing different components and their integration within the grid. It also provides a forum for researchers from academia and professionals from industry, as well as government regulators to tackle these challenges, and discuss and exchange knowledge and best practices about design and implementation of Renewable Energy and Conservation.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join our international conference on Renewable Energy and Conservation (ICREC 2021) which will be held in Shenzhen, China during November 26-28, 2021.

Topic Areas

  • Renewable (Green) Energy Systems and Sources (RESSs) as Wind Power, Hydropower, Solar Energy, Biomass, Biofuel, Geothermal Energy, Wave Energy, Tidal energy, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, Energy Storage
  • New Trends and Technologies for RESSs
  • Policies and Strategies for RESSs
  • Energy Transformation from Renewable Energy System (RES) to Grid
  • Novel Energy Conversion Studies for RESs
  • Power Devices and Driving Circuits for RESs
  • Control Techniques for RESs
  • Grid Interactive Systems Used in Hybrid RESs
  • Performance Analysis of RESs
  • Hybrid RESSs
  • Decision Support Systems for RESSs
  • Renewable Energy Research and Applications for Industries
  • RESSs for Electrical Vehicles and Components
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Studies for RESs and Applications
  • Computational Methods for RESSs
  • Energy Savings for Vehicular Technology, Power Electronics, Electric Machinery and Control, etc.
  • New Approaches in Lightings
  • Public Awareness and Education for Renewable Energy and Systems
  • Reliability and Maintenance in RESSs
  • Smart grids and RESSs
  • Safety and Security of RESSs
  • Renewable Energy Systems in Smart Cities
  • Future Challenges and Directions for RESS

More details are available on the conference website:

16–17 December 2021 The International Conference “Shaping Light for Health and Wellbeing in Cities”


The international Conference “Shaping light for health and wellbeing in cities” ( will be held online on December 16th and 17th 2021, with the aim to investigate the multifaceted consequences light has on health and wellbeing in cities. The conference is being organised by the ENLIGHTENme consortium, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The contributions received will be considered for building the existing knowledge framework on lighting and health and wellbeing within the ENLIGHTENme project.

Participants are invited to submit case studies, reviews or technical papers related to the conference topics under the form ‘Extended Abstracts’.

More details please visit our homepage:

All the selected extended abstracts will be published in the Conference Proceedings and made available in the will be stored on AlmaDL Open Access repository. Authors of high quality contributions will be invited to submit a full paper in Sustainability, Conference Exclusive Selection: Shaping light for health and wellbeing in cities at reduced publication fees.

Please visit here to participate:

24–25 January 2022 19th International Conference on Renewable Mobility "Fuels of the Future"

Berlin, Germany

The 19th International Conference on Renewable Mobility "Fuels of the Future" will take place again from 24th to 25nd January 2022. The motto of the conference is: "Fuels of the Future 2022 - Navigator for sustainable Mobility!" As usual, the event will be bilingual (German-English).

Fuels of the future 2022 welcomes national and international participants including representatives from the raw material collecting and processing industry, the biofuel, mineral oil and automotive industry, the chemical industry, the transport and logistics sector, certification systems as well as from politics, science and research.

The aim of the International Conference is to provide participants with an up-to-date status report on the many different legislative initiatives and to discuss corresponding recommendations for action, to present current market developments and project examples of renewable mobility, and to provide a broad platform for the exchange of experience.

On the International Conference on Renewable Mobility offers the outstanding opportunity to introduce your company or organization to an international audience of experts and/or to present it via sponsoring. You will find details on this in the Exhibition & Participation offer.

For additional information, please, visit the conference website at

11–13 May 2022 5th International Conference of Contemporary Affairs in Architecture and Urbanism – ICCAUA2022

Alanya HEP University, Alanya, Turkey

The 5th International Conference of Contemporary Affairs in Architecture and Urbanism (ICCAUA2022) is organized by Alanya HEP University. The conference brings together all the theories, manifestos and methodologies on contemporary architecture and urban studies to raise the understanding of the future of architecture and urbanism. Overall, ICCAUA2022 aims to establish a bridge between theory and practice in the built environment. Thus, it reports on the latest research findings and innovative approaches, methodologies for creating, assessing, and understanding contemporary built environments. The conference is in collaboration with the German University in Cairo, Egypt and the Journal Of Contemporary Urban Affairs.

The scopes of the conference include:

  • Architecture and Technology
  • Sustainability and Urban Design
  • Heritage and Cultural Landscapes
  • Habitat Studies / Infra Habitation
  • Civil Engineering

To see the extended topics please click here

For more information, please visit our conference website:

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