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22–24 September 2021, Poznań- Rosnówko, Poland
13th City Transportation Problems in Cogestion Condition

Being at close by the Third Century of City Transport we know challenges for next decades. We must seek answers on basic problem of city engineering: - If in city planning, transportation policies, studies, models and mobility prognosis we may content with up till now developed concepts, methods and solutions? Whether is not time to seek a new ways and a new horizons in transportation planning? Thus the following key conference subject matter is proposed

Topic Area

A. HORYZONT – 2050 – Platform of Limited Problems in special formule of debate.

Chosen examples:

City transport history as civilization experience.
City transport economy – if and why we have to pay additional charge to public transport?
City without congestion – vision or utopia?
If city and transport planning for half of XXI century is necessary or risk?
City and transport as structure of at hand and smart spaces.

B. New Transportation Technologies:

Autonomous vehicles, intelligent ways, artificial intelligent, pure energy for mobility. Business and structural models of future transport (vehicle sparing and on demand transport, payment systems, Mobility Services, cost internalization etc.).

C. Travel Modeling and Traffic Forecast:

Cracow conferences scope carry on (not preceded Modeling 2020), especially:
Travel study and modeling in world after pandemic time – traffic planning and forecasting in short and long time horizons.

D. A New subject matter conference cycle is planed – Cities in country transportation networks. It is suggestion for this conference “It is time for train”:

E. Problems of traffic engineering and management or transportation and mobility polices are still actual in conference scope.

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