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Dr. Enrico Conte

Dipartimento di Medicina Clinica e Sperimentale, Sezione di Medicina Respiratoria, Università di Catania, Catania, Italy
Interests: inflammation
Dr. Dolores B. Njoku
Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Pediatrics and Pathology, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA
Interests: immunology; B cells; immunology; Tregs; liver injury; drug-induced; liver injury; immune-mediated
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals
Assoc. Prof. Dev Karan

Department of Pathology, Prostate Cancer Center of Excellence, MCW Cancer Center, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI 53226​, USA
Interests: prostate cancer; tumor immunology; immunotherapy; tumor microenvironment
Dr. Antonio Maccio
Department of Gynecologic Oncology, Azienda Ospedaliera Brotzu, Cagliari, Italy
Interests: ovarian cancer; laparoscopic surgery; immune system and immunotherapy; inflammation; macrophages; cytokines; cancer cachexia; cancer-related anemia
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals
Dr. Claudio Fenizia
Department of Pathophysiology and Transplantation, University of Milan, via F. Sforza 35, 20122 Milan, Italy
Interests: immunology; virology; anti-viral resistance factors; viruses in reproduction/pregnancy; immune-tolerance; tolerance/rejection in transplantation
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals
Dr. Béatrice Charreau

Centre de Recherche en Transplantation et Immunologie (CRTI) INSERM UMR1064, Université de Nantes, 44093 Nantes, France
Interests: endothelial cell biology; transplantion Immunology; innate immunity; CD8 T cells; infection; HCMV; inflammation; cell signaling; biomarkers; MHC; antibodies
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals
Dr. Fernando A. Arosa
Health Sciences Research Center (CICS-UBI), University of Beira Interior, Covilha, Portugal
Interests: humans; CD8+ T cells; cytokines; CD8αβ; CD8αα; CD45RA; NK receptors; open MHC-I conformers; neuroimmunology
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals
Dr. Anne Bordron
U1227 B Lymphocytes and Autoimmunity, Université de Brest, INSERM, IBSAM, Labex IGO, Networks IC-CGO and REpiCGO from ‘Canceropole Grand Ouest, Brest, France
Interests: B lymphocyte; chronic lymphocytic leukemia; glycosylation; autoimmunity
Prof. Dr. Anna K. Kurdowska

Prof. Dr. Andrea Santarelli
Department of Clinical Specialistic and Dental Sciences, Marche Polytechnic University, Ancona, Italy
Interests: oral squamous cell carcinoma; Head and Neck Cancers; oral oncology; salivary biomarkers; prognostic markers; odontogenic cysts and tumors; autoimmune oral diseases; apoptotic and anti-apoptotic molecules
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals
Dr. Laura Calvillo
Department of Cardiovascular, Neural and Metabolic Sciences, IRCCS Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Milan, Italy
Interests: cardiovascular research; neuroinflammation; experimental models; 3R research; bioreactors; quantum biology; laboratory animal science
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals
Prof. Dr. Amal Kaddoumi
Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn University, Alabama, AL, USA
Interests: Alzheimer’s disease; cerebral amyloid angiopathy; blood-brain barrier; neuroinflammation; drug development; translational therapeutics
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals
Dr. Alessandro Cannavo

Department of Translational Medical Science, Federico II University of Naples, Naples, Italy
Interests: heart failure; cardiovascular disease; G protein coupled receptor; ischemia; neurodegeneration; periodontitis; inflammation; metabolism; pharmacology; gene-therapy
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals
Dr. Maria Vittoria Podda

1. Department of Neuroscience, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome, Italy
2. Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli, IRCCS, Rome, Italy
Interests: behavioral neuroscience; BDNF; molecular and cellular neuroscience; neural plasticity and excitability; non-invasive brain stimulation techniques; stroke
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals
Dr. Jui-Hung Yen
Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Indiana University School of Medicine, 2101 E. Coliseum Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, USA
Interests: euroimmunology; neuroinflammation; ischemic stroke; multiple sclerosis: blood-brain barrier; microglia; Th1/Th17 cells; dendritic cells; Nrf2/HO-1
Dr. Eva Kiss

1. Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 307, D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany
2. Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology "G.E. Palade" of Târgu Mures, Str. Gheorghe Marinescu nr. 38, 540 139 Târgu Mureș, Romania
Interests: Alzheimer's disease; inhibitory synapses; gephyrin; neurodegeneration; neuorinflammation; microglia
Dr. Kiran Panickar

Science & Technology Center, Hills PNC, Topeka, KS 66617, USA
Interests: inflammation; immunology; renal; brain; cognition
Dr. Juliet M. Taylor
Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia
Interests: neuroinflammation; type-I interferons; Parkinson’s disease; microglia; Alzheimer’s disease
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals
Prof. Dr. Georgia Mandolesi

1. Laboratory of Synaptic Immunopathology, IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, 00163 Rome, Italy
2. Laboratory of Synaptic Immunopathology, San Raffaele University of Rome, 00166 Rome, Italy
Interests: synaptic pathology; neurodegeneration; neuroinflammation; multiple sclerosis; experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis inflammatory cytokines; microRNA; excitotoxicity; synaptic plasticity; neuron-glia communication
Prof. Dr. Cristoforo Comi
Neurology Unit, Department of Health Sciences, University of Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy
Interests: clinical neurology; neuroimmunology; neurodegeneration
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals
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